Small Groups

  at Lakeside Church

The Parenting Children Course

Children do not arrive with an instruction manual. No role we undertake is more important than parenting. The talks are presented on DVD which are interspersed filmed clips of parents and children talking about their experience of parenting or being parented. There is lots of time alloted to develop relationships and share experiences with other parents in the course.

The Parenting Children Course is for:

  • any parent/caregiver of children from 0 to 10 years old

  • those expecting their first child

  • single parents and step-parents

  • parents who come as a couple or on their own



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Course Type: Alpha
Semester: Fall, 2017
Start Date: 2017-09-26
Day Of Week: Tuesday
Time: 6:30 pm; course follows dinner at 7:15(ish)
Location: Lakeside Cafe